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Our professional team at National Realty Partners is ready to assist you in buying, selling, refinancing or in the valuation of your property. Our years of experience will enable us help you maximize the value of your commercial real estate.

Strategic Consultation - National Realty Partners
Obtain up-to-date valuation of the property you are considering buying, selling, or refinancing.
Commercial Real Estate Lease Types and Terminology - National Reaty Partners
Get an overview of different types of lease agreements, 1031 Exchanges, how companies are rated and other useful information.
Commercial Real Estate Current Offerings - National Realty Partners
View some of our featured investment opportunities and recap of sample National Realty Partners transactions.
Over 25 Years of Nationwide Experience

Our Location:

National Realty Partners 6621 Snider Plaza, Suite 200 Dallas, Texas 75205 Phone: 214-692-6920
Facsimile: 214-692-7550
Email: [email protected]